Top Reasons Why You Should Go to Argentina (other than Messi)

Make certain that you visit Argentina if you are planning a trip to South America. Argentina is becoming a favorite destination for tourists from both North America and overseas.

Argentina has been in the spotlight as of late but not because of its rich and natural beauty. The country has been facing a financial struggle which actually works in the favor of people looking for a South American vacation spot.

The reason for this is simple- the flailing financial state of Argentina has made it even more economical to those planning a visit. This means that you can travel there without having to spend a small fortune. Combine that with the beauty of the country and you’ve got a winning holiday destination.

When you visit Argentina you’ll need to consider where you want to stay. There are several areas that are appealing to visitors and it’s important to understand the benefits of each in order to choose the one that is right for you.

One, if not the most, popular destination is Buenos Aires. This is a wonderful, vibrant place for anyone to spend time in. If you are flying to Argentina from another destination you will be landing in Buenos Aires. Many people, therefore, plan to spend a few days in this culturally rich city before venturing to other parts of the country.

Buenos Aires is home to over three million people which makes a visit to the city worthwhile. You will never tire of things to do and you can soak up the rich culture of this Latin community in many ways.

You also need to prepare yourself before you leave. There are a few things to put on your to-do list and this includes becoming familiar with the customs of the locales.

In Argentina, the majority of the citizens are Spanish speaking. If you took a few Spanish classes in grade school you may well have a leg up as just a simple knowledge of the language can be enough to get by.

If you are planning on staying at one of the hotels or resorts that are found in Argentina you will most likely be greeted by an American speaking staff. You need not worry that you’ll be unable to communicate once there, as the hotels recognize that the majority of people visiting are English speaking.

The currency in Argentina is the Pesos. To save money it’s advised that you exchange your money before leaving your country of residence. Although there are resources available to exchange funds in Argentina there may be a service charge in place.

You don’t need any vaccinations when visiting Argentina so that’s not a concern. You should pack plenty of (UV) protecting sunscreen though, as the weather in Argentina can be very hot and the sun shines brightly much of the year.

Visiting Argentina is a wonderful way for couples or families alike to spend their vacation. It’s an economical destination that is rich in native culture.

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