The Art Of Wishing On Birthdays

Birthday celebrations are becoming very common. Earlier not everyone used to celebrate birthdays. Nowadays, around the world people celebrate birthdays. This has made a birthday look like a common occurrence. But for the person who is celebrating his/her birthday, the day comes once in a year. So for them, it is a very important day. What is the way to make your friends and family feel good on their birthdays? Let us find out.

Your wish on a birthday should make the recipient feel happy and important. He/she should feel that your wishes are coming from your heart and there is nothing casual about them. Even if you are not sending a gift, a card is good enough, provided it manages to convey what you mean. For a moment put yourself in his/her position. For them, it is a very important day. It is the day they were born. It is a day that holds very special meaning for them. Many of us try and find out who else was born on our birthdays. We feel connected with people born on our birthday. Therefore please make sure that your wishes are heartfelt. That is the reason why the selection of the right card becomes very important.

If the person you are sending your wishes accesses the Internet, then an ecard is a very good option. An ecard or egreeting card looks better than a printed card because it can be animated. One can see lot of movement in the ecard, which is not possible with printed cards. But the ecard should fit the person to whom you are sending it. For a female recipient, choose muted colors. For elderly persons, chose muted earth colors. For children chose bright colors and for others choose appropriate colors. Look at the animation carefully. Except to children, avoid sending cards with cartoons, as they are becoming very common. Send ecards with the theme of nature – flowers, waterfalls, rivers, oceans, mountains, etc. Read the text carefully. If you were to receive the card, how you would have felt reading the text? Choose the text carefully so that it conveys your heartfelt wishes. Let the recipient feel that the ecard was selected after lot of deliberation.

A good ecard can make someone’s day. Select the right ecard to wish birthday to friends, family, and colleagues and bring sunshine in their life on their birthday. Make them feel important and happy with your egreeting card.

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