Secrets You Need to Know for Better Gas Mileage

Everyone is affected by the increase in gas prices. The increased cost at the gas pump has many families needing to tighten their budgets. One way to decrease your cost at the pump is to increase your gas mileage. This may seem a clear solution, but there are several ways to improve gas mileage that are easy to do.

One of the best ways of increasing gas mileage is to maintain your vehicle. Make sure the tires are properly inflated. Having the right amount of pressure in your tires can increase your gas mileage significantly. Make sure that when you have your oil changed, your air filter is checked. Having a clean air filter also affects gas mileage. Making sure that you properly maintain your car not only increases gas mileage, but it also helps extend the life of your car. With people watching their budgets more closely, they tend to drive their cars for longer periods of time.

Another way of increasing gas mileage is to watch your driving habits. There are several things that each driver does routinely that can impact gas mileage. The most published tip regarding this is to decrease your speed. By driving the speed limit you can greatly improve your gas mileage. This also increases your safety and the safety of others on the road. When driving in the city try to avoid rapid acceleration.

Rapid acceleration greatly decreases gas mileage. Excessive breaking also uses more gas. To get the most out of each gallon of gas try to avoid doing this. Excessive breaking or traveling the break is often a habit that young drivers get into, because of a lack of confidence. It pays to discuss this with your teenage driver.

If you are in the market for a new car and are worried about getting the best gas mileage possible, consider one of the hybrid cars. There are more models to choose from due to the rise in gas prices. Several of the hybrid models get extremely good gas mileage. The hybrid car is improving in appearance, availability, and performance. The high price of gas has caused many manufactures to increase their production of the hybrid car to give consumers better gas mileage. Due to the increase in the number of hybrid cars produced, there is no longer a waiting list to contend with when purchasing one. Most car dealers have several hybrid models to choose from on their showroom floor.

In addition to changing your driving habits to increase gas mileage, you can also cut down on the number of trips you make with your vehicle. If you are going a short distance consider walking or riding a bike. Try to incorporate as many errands into one trip as possible so that you will decrease the miles you drive. Small changes in habits can save money at the pump by improving gas mileage.

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