Personal Mastery and Organizational Performance

Personal mastery is not something you can accomplish overnight. It is not just going beyond what you can do with your skills and talents. Personal mastery is how you understand and direct your life. For an organization to succeed, each person member of the organization has to be part of the organization’s purpose and make it their own personal purpose.

When each member of the organization adapts the organization’s purpose as their purpose, personal and organizational growth increases. Imagine the power of an organization whose members believe and are committed to one idea? This is the deepest commitment an organization could ever have.

On a ‘journey’ towards personal mastery, you are in search of your life direction and purpose. You are aware of your personal weaknesses and strength, responsible for your actions, and accept who you are. Followers of personal mastery are capable of accepting the harsh realities and learn to adapt to the changes happening in their surroundings. Those who have a high level of personal mastery are able to commit to their lives and see themselves as part of the whole.

These people when combined with the members of the group or an organization, they can influence others to have the same thought. They can influence but not control. Since they are grounded in reality, they can objectively identify the areas where improvements are needed in the organization. They became a part of the system and see themselves as part of the holistic development of the organization.

Not only do people with a high level of personal mastery able to influence others, but their commitment could also be an example and they could also take on leadership in the organization. Effective managing is one of the necessary methods that can be performed to help other organization members to commit to the organization’s purpose. Simple acts like coaching and counseling can be a great help for promoting personal growth.

Personal mastery also helps organization members to step out of the box or their comfort zones. Some organization leaders are not comfortable would this idea sometimes, especially if the activities in the comfort zone are those that have produced success. But stepping out of the comfort zone strips people of the self-imposed limitations. Personal mastery is about expressing your talents and yourself in a creative manner.

Growth and development are the concepts encouraged by personal mastery. When organization members are working to attain personal mastery, their personal vision clears and starts getting fulfilled. There are changes that can happen when organization members work for personal mastery like easy resolution even in hard issues and cases, teams and groups work easily even if they do not belong in the same department and accomplishments are starting to be common in the organization.

An organization can help its members to attain personal mastery, there are training, consultancy, and coaching which can be provided to individuals, teams, and even to the whole organization. Training and consultations could include self-leadership, stress- management, well-being, emotional and social intelligence, and other related disciplines.

Dealing with these different aspects would surely improve the organization’s performance. Organizations should capitalize on their most important asset, their people. Organization members who have attained personal mastery would understand the organization’s strategy, how their own actions contribute to their colleague’s and superior’s performance, and how their tasks in part of the whole performance.

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