One Kindness at A Time Makes a World of Difference: 5 Caring Tips

Do you want to make a real difference in the world? Is there something you’d like to change – some way to find your own purpose for being on this earth?

You know you don’t have to do take-on-the-whole-world-by-yourself projects. The easiest and most effective way to change the world is for each of us to do one small kindness at a time. One kindness has a ripple effect, with far-reaching consequences you may never know about.

Below you will find five ways you can make a difference from the e-book, “101 Ways to Change the World”. Many things can be done that don’t cost a lot – just a small investment of your time.

1. Give anonymous surprise gifts to co-workers or friends – with a note telling them they matter. It doesn’t have to be much to let them know someone cares, how about:

a candy bar

one cookie

a flower

something you have lying around your house

Every time, it will be the fun of knowing someone cares that will make their life better – just by giving a little time and thought to someone else.

2. Give away a professional service – offer it FREE once a week, twice a month, or once a month to someone who needs it.

Free dental cleanings

Free house cleaning

Free meal at your restaurant

Free accounting service

3. Form your own “Good Deed Patrol” for a fun way to change your world.

Watch for people doing something to make a difference in the community. Listen to conversations to discover these people.

Talk with your radio station or local newspaper and ask if they will include a small section in the paper or a small spot on radio programs to say THANK YOU to these people – it doesn’t have to be much.

Think how excited someone would be to open the paper and see a THANK YOU NOTICE to them for something they did.

Since no one will know who the Good Deed Patrol is, this might encourage people to do their best at all times!

4. Respond with kindness every time someone is rude or mean to you. One lady was treated very rudely by an attendant at her gas station. She responded by taking him a plate of cookies and telling him to have a nice day. Now he goes out of his way to be nice to her. Each of us can choose to respond this way!

5. If you like to give parties, you can make an even bigger difference.

Throw a big party and invite as many people as you can fit.

Their “ticket” to the event will be a bag of groceries for a local food pantry.

Make sure to send along a list of what the Food Pantry needs most.

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