How to Cope with Colic

When my oldest daughter was born, I walked the floor night and day, rocking and swaddling, singing and even crying…anything to make my new little miracle stop her endless crying. Well, everyone told me she just had colic and that it would pass. And, alas, pass it did, however, I wish that I would have known then what I know now.

There are many theories about the causes of colic. Many believe that it is breastfeeding that causes it. “Either you are eating something that is not suited to her little tummy or you must be feeding her too much..” they will tell you. Well, maybe. Others believe that bottle-fed babies are allergic to the formula. “Switch his formula and he will be just fine…” they will tell you. Well, yes that could be it too. Some will say it is gas or an immature nervous system. Maybe. And the list goes on and on.

However, I believe that the answer to solving colic problems is simple. Babies simply “come out” too early and therefore miss out on their “fourth trimester” in the womb. This new world needs a lot of getting used to, and some transitional coping methods are in order. Below are some sure-fire ways to soothe a colicky baby and restore them to their comfortable, womb-like environment. Well, they will think so anyway.

1. Swaddle her. Babies up to four months old feel safe and secure when bundled and will calm down. This imitates her cozy womb environment and soothes her cries with a sense of familiarity.

2. Carry him in a sling or carrier close to your body and walk around. The motion will imitate the movements he felt while he was being carried in your womb.

3. Play “white noise” such as the dishwasher, washing machine, or even the vacuum cleaner to imitate the sounds she heard while safe and snug in your tummy.

4. If all else fails, go for a car ride. The motion will imitate the frequent movement he felt while in your womb and may calm him, and you, down.

Some of these things will work all of the time and all of these things will work some of the time, but just keep in mind that this will all pass. Enjoy these precious days with your little one because soon you will have to potty train them and you will think back to the good old days…when all you had to worry about was a little colic!

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