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Healing the Self for Healthy Relationships

We all must work to heal the inner self. The inner self is the entity within us all that goes through many changes that cause us stress. The emotions are affected by this inner self’s reactions. Our inner self is wounded many times throughout our life. It is far more than the wounds that we may receive on our bodies during an entire year. Everything that we say, hear, do or experience affects our brain and thereby our self. We may forget these experiences but the effect they make on our self is hard to forget. For this, we usually require the professional assistance of a psychiatrist or need some unique modes like meditation and yoga.

Psychiatric help is the best option for a complete healing the hidden self. The psychiatrist helps in understanding a problem correctly and in unveiling the cause(s) behind it. This understanding starts the whole process of healing the hidden self. Upon completing this task, the individual must make sure that the process of self-development continues uninterrupted. The process must be completed in order for one to enjoy a healthy life and relationships. These people often have assistance from counselors until they solve their problems effectively. Such professional help is required in cases where the problem is of a grave nature such as a mental disorder caused due to an incident or experience that affected the mind negatively. Such cases include the soldiers that must commit murder and witness horrific deaths on the battlefield. 

They have to kill people due to their obligation towards the protection of their nation and its citizens from the enemy. Once the battle has ended the realization that what they have done is a crime against humanity that takes over their thoughts. Some soldiers are able to push the thought to the back of their minds. Many soldiers and people in the world must struggle to overcome their guilt. In some instances, people lose their sanity. This often happens when that person does not have proper help from professionals. Psychiatrists can use methods like hypnosis or meditation along with oral medication for helping such people.

Apart from this professional help, people can also avail various facilities that ancient civilizations had invented many centuries ago. These include techniques like meditation, Reiki, aromatherapy, and yoga that can be easily practiced at home. They are useful in relaxing the mind and body after a long day at work. They also help in rejuvenating and restoring energy so that people can continue their day with the same enthusiasm and kick-start the next day also. These techniques help in improving the concentration of the mind so that our time and energy is not wasted on unnecessary and useless things. We can then focus more on our work and thus improve our work efficiency. It also helps women in rejuvenating their beauty and managing their everyday multitasking. It is also effective in the case of children and students. It helps in improving their potentials and capabilities to perform well at school and facilitates excellent physical and mental growth.

These techniques have been inspired by nature and some of them employ the qualities of some natural resources like herbs and flowers for better healing. Thus, we can see how useful and integral nature is to our health. Therefore, we can include nature also for healing the hidden self. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that when we meet nature, it helps us in forgetting our sorrows and rejuvenates our tired selves. For this, it is not necessary to shift to the countryside. The plants at home or our pet(s) can be our connection with nature. They help us find the positive aspect behind the dark clouds of pessimism.

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