Factors Which Affect the Overall Value of A Business

Businesses are something that has a tendency to change hands now and again over the entire life of the business. Whether it is a merger or an outright sale, there are certain factors that will affect the overall value of a business that is put up for sale by its current owner. The following paragraphs will highlight some of these factors and explain why the overall value of the business can be altered from time to time.

Delaying the Sale

Selling one’s business is an extremely important decision for a business owner to make. The sale thereof is something that can either make or break the financial stability of an individual at times. A factor that tends to affect the overall value of a business is a delay with regard to deciding whether to sell the business. As there are times when the market would be most profitable for a business sales transaction, this time period can pass should an individual business owner wait too long to determine whether to sell or not.

Not only outside factors, such as the general market, will affect the sale of a business. Internal factors such as a decrease in sales, creditors, and unrest amongst employees within the company may all affect the time period in which a business goes up for sale. With that said, it is important that individuals sell when the time is right for selling. Unreasonable delays in the sale of a business may have adverse effects on the overall value of the business.

Private Business Owners Lack the Resources

Another factor that affects the overall value of a business with regard to the sale thereof has a lot to do with the lack of resources that many business owners experience. Unlike their corporate counterparts, smaller business owners do not have attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors at their beck and call who can aid them in the sale of their business. Due to the lack of these professionals, business owners tend to take longer to sell their business and finding the best buyers which will affect the overall value of the business.

Lack of Appropriate Business Sale Knowledge

Much of the information which an individual can gain from outside media sources such as television, magazines, and websites deals with selling larger companies. For those individuals who are looking to sell a smaller, privately owned business, they may find difficulty gaining valuable insight into how to sell their business so that it brings in the most profitable price. Not having the requisite business knowledge can hinder the overall value of one’s business, as they do not know how to sell the business in a way that brings in the best price.

Future Profitability

A buyer in a business purchase transaction wants to know that the business which they are purchasing is one that will see future profits. It is not only important for the business to be seen as doing well at that particular moment in time, but it is also vital that the business will continue to do well in the future. Therefore, future profitability is something that will drive up the value of a business. After all, who really wants to purchase a business that will go downhill soon thereafter. The answer to that question is probably no one. If a current business owner can show factors that relate to the future profitability of the business, then their business may be one that is portrayed as having good value.

Position the Company for Sale

A business that is going to achieve the best price and be seen as having the best overall value is one that is properly positioned for sale. There are many aspects that can adequately position a business for sale such as showing unique qualities that the company maintains, the value of its employees, and the profitability of the company as a whole. The company must be prepared in a nice, attractive package in order to have the best positive value. A company that is under great management sees good profits on the market and is a good purchase opportunity overall will yield the best-selling price. Positioning the company for sale is best left up to professionals who are in the market of handling situations such as these.


To conclude, the previously mentioned items are certain factors that can affect the overall value of a business that is being sold. In order to ensure that a current business owner receives the best value for their company, it is important to take certain steps to avoid sale delays, obtain the necessary resources to help the sales process along, and retain the help of knowledgeable professionals in areas where they are needed. By taking the aforementioned steps, the current owner of the business will be better able to get the best possible selling price for their business.

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