Creative Ideas to Design Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Decorating for a kid’s party can be cheap and easy, yet impressive, if you have the basics in place and use a little imagination and advance planning. Follow these simple guidelines for kids party decorations:

Assorted helium-filled balloons can be bunched and anchored in the middle of the party table as a centerpiece, or attached from the light fixture in the center of the room. I always get a special birthday mylar that relates to the party theme and ties it to the birthday child’s chair.

A balloon arch is an impressive way to direct guests to the party area. Simply attach helium-filled balloons to a ribbon about every 12 inches and secure it to the ground on either side of your doorway. Remember to attach a few balloons to your mailbox to show guests where the party is. Be sure you have enough balloons to give to each party guest as they leave.

Hang crêpe paper strips in doorways similar to the ’60s beaded look. Alternate colors for more visual interest. Balloons and crêpe paper alone are enough to give your party area fun and festive atmosphere.

TABLE DECORATIONS: Personalize your party table with some homemade embellishments. Start with a tablecloth designed by the party child. Cut a length of butcher paper and let him or her decorate it with colorful markers, crayons, pictures cut from magazines, construction paper shapes let the imagination run wild! Then, sandwich your child’s creation between a colored plastic tablecloth and a clear one, so it can be appreciated by all, yet protected from spills.

Use one or more of your child’s toys relating to the party theme as a centerpiece. For example, a large teddy bear for a teddy bear picnic party, a grouping of Barbies for a dolly party, a cowboy hat for a western party – you get the idea. You can even anchor a balloon bouquet to your unique centerpiece.

Curl several lengths of curling ribbon and lay on the table surrounding your centerpiece. Add a few sprinkles of party confetti it even comes in different themes to complete the effect.

If you plan your theme several months ahead, you can anticipate your needs and take advantage of sales and discounts to keep the cost of decorations down. Keep a storage container of party decorations you see on close-out throughout the year. If you throw an annual party on Halloween, Valentine’s Day, or another holiday, shop the day after the holiday for deeply discounted items and save them in your party container for the following year’s party.

Follow these simple kid’s party decorating tips, and you’ll reap the benefits with rave reviews from party guests and parents alike!

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