Common AHA Molecules Acting as Heroes to Combat Acne

AHAs are becoming very popular in the fight against aging skin and are getting added to most beauty and skincare products. AHAs are one of the ingredients that help us keep skin looking young for a longer time. Let us find out about common AHA molecules and how they help in skincare.

Glycolic acid is one of the most commonly used Alpha Hydroxyl Acids in skincare. It is derived naturally from sugar cane juice. Glycolic acid has a very low molecular size. This low molecular size allows glycolic acid to penetrate the skin faster. The dead skin cells that bind with the skin are removed by glycolic acid by loosening the glue that sticks the dead cells with the skin. As the glue loosens, the dead cells exfoliate giving a cleaner look to the skin. Shedding dead cells faster also allows the growth of new cells. Glycolic acids also smoothen fine wrinkles. This acid also helps in the treatment of blackheads and dries out the excess surface oil on the skin. It is also thought that glycolic acids stimulate collagen production to some extent. This acid also keeps the skin moisturized by keeping water bound to the skin and prevents drying of the skin. It can also bleach some spots on the skin. One added advantage of glycolic acid is that it helps other skin care ingredients reach deeper in the skin and makes them more effective. Glycolic acid is on the frontier of skin care.

Lactic acid is derived from milk. Milk baths have been popular for ages to get fresh skin and better skincare. That is because of the lactic acid. Lactic acid is a good skin moisturizer as it helps retain water in the skin. It is also a good exfoliant of dead skin cells. It is generally used in combination with other AHAs in skincare products.

Citric acid is also an Alpha Hydroxyl Acid. Citric acid is derived from citrus fruits. It accelerates collagen production and also removes spots on the skin. Citric acid is not a good exfoliant. It is considered a good antioxidant, as it neutralizes free radicals that age the skin. Citric acid has been used for skin care for a long in household remedies.

Malic Acid and tartaric acids are other popular Alpha Hydroxy Acids. They are not commonly used alone for skin care treatments but are added to make a combination of AHA skin care products to derive multiple benefits.

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