Cholesterol Test Kits: Helping You Measure Your Cholesterol

Having high blood cholesterol increases the risk of heart attack or stroke. But it can be avoided with the aid of a cholesterol test kit. The Cholesterol test kit was first approved for public use in 1993. At that time, home cholesterol test kits only detect the total cholesterol level. Now, it detects the LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and even glucose level in the blood.

Cholesterol test kits work by using chemical analysis from the blood taken from a finger prick or from the vein in the arms to determine the cholesterol level of an individual. It is very easy to use. A single drop of blood is needed to use a cholesterol test kit. Just put a small amount of blood on the test strip then the wondrous machine will do the rest. Having a cholesterol test kit at home has an advantage. You can have the privacy of doing your own test of your cholesterol level whereas if you go to a doctor you might be stuck with a big needle in your veins and will have to wait for a couple of days before you can have the result. It is made an excuse so that you will have to pay a higher amount. Some testing laboratories need money in order to operate. Using a cholesterol test kit is much cheaper than going to a doctor. Also, you can have your results in just a few minutes after taking your blood. While if you go to a doctor, you would have to wait in line or make an appointment (some of which are canceled). You also won’t be charged a consultation fee just because your doctor explained to you all the incoherent information on the piece of paper that the testing laboratory gave you. Some testing laboratories are owned by doctors while some have some sort of agreement. However, there are some tests that can only be done in the doctor’s office. If your test results are high then you should see a doctor right away for some intensive therapy.

If you want to purchase or obtain a cholesterol test kit, just visit your local pharmacy for additional information so that you may choose the type of cholesterol test kit that you think is right for you. You can also go online to search for some cholesterol test kit. Here is a list of the most popular web sites that has cholesterol test kits:

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