Basic Crochet Supplies You Need to Get Started

There are many supplies used when crocheting and the specific kinds depend solely on the type of patterns used. There are many basic items that beginners need but when using more complicated patterns and designs it can be essential to expand on the crochet supplies used. Yarn and a crochet hook are the most basic supplies but also used are knitting needles and a wide variety of yarn types amongst other items. More than one hook and needle set are needed as they can be left in an unfinished part of the crocheted item while another area is concentrated on. Patterns are a necessary part of the process, especially for beginners or if the person is creating something for the first time.

Anyone learning how to crochet may also need supplies of books or magazines full of tips and patterns. Depending on the type of pattern, other crochet supplies may be needed such as ribbon or lace. Ribbon can be run through certain areas of a crocheted design and lace can be a necessary addition to many designs. When making clothes, materials that can be layered under the yarn may be an important part of your crochet supplies. Sewing needles, threads, beads, sequins, and other accessories can all form part of a crochet supply box as they can add decoration to a crocheted piece. There is so much that can be done with crocheted materials that the lists of possible crochet supplies are enormous.

Crochet Yarn Supplies

One of the most significant parts of crocheting is the types of yarns used. There are a huge number of different yarns used for crocheting; the texture and thickness of the yarn are most important. Yarn can have a lot of variations: some are thick, others are thin; yarn can be soft, fluffy, hard, and come from many animals. Yarn can be either natural or synthetic and the five basic types are baby/fingering, sport/baby, worsted weight, chunky and bulky – and they all have different uses.

Fingering weight is mainly used for light items such as socks. Sports weight is heavier and used for items like sweaters. Worsted weight is for much heavier and warmer items. Chunky and bulky are used for very heavy and warm items. Some of the most popular fibers used in yarns include acrylic, alpaca, camel hair, cashmere, chenille, lambswool, mohair, and even silk. The types of yarn depending on the item of clothing and the pattern used. So, as you can see, you’ll need to get yourself a big box to keep all the crochet supplies you’re going to need!

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