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10 Things You Will Like About Home Based Business

Here are a few things I’ve discovered along the way that you will like about owning your own home-based business.

1. You Are The Boss

How many people endure a boss that undervalues your contribution to the organization? Or one who takes credit for your work. More than you might think! Own your own business and you are the boss! You take the credit win, lose, or draw.

2. Work The Hours You Want

That’s right! Suppose your spouse works the late shift, you would rather be home during the daytime to take care of the children. And you would prefer not putting the children into daycare? If you are self-employed, you can easily re-schedule your work to fit your family situation.

3. No Long Commute

A friend once spent 4 hours commuting to work each day. Talk about stress. She was tired before the workday began! Say goodbye to the long commute when you are self-employed. Your longest commute might be from one of the bedrooms to your home office.

4. Goodbye, Office Politics.

Have you experienced office politics? The co-workers positioning themselves with power figures to move up in the organization. Say goodbye to office politics!

5. Less Stress

Working in a familiar home environment will reduce your stress load. At home, you work at your own pace. If work gets hectic, you take a break. Put your feet up and relax.

6. Dress Codes

No more confining business suits, uniforms, or conforming to a stiff dress code. If you handle all your business over a computer or the telephone Dress The Way You Like!

7. Spend More Time With Your Family

This is a great opportunity to get the family involved in your business. And spend more quality time together.

8. Use A Skill You’ve Never Had The Opportunity To Use

You have ample opportunity to use your marketing skills, managing skills, accounting skills, people skills, sales skills, computer skills, and many other tasks you’ve been itching to try.

9. Realize Your Business Goals

You’ve taken that first difficult step toward personal and business success. By striking out on your own and starting a home-based business.

10. Boost Self Esteem

You now have more control over your financial and personal future. This will lead to a boost in your self-esteem on many levels.

These are only a few of the things you will like about owning a home-based business. Once you’ve started your own business you will add many more to the list!

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